8th September 2020

Aquabox has completed the first stage of its planned move – all of 100 yards across the industrial estate where the depot is located at the top of Cromford Hill in Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

27th August 2020

Sometimes the feedback takes a little while to come through, but when it does... On 18th February 2020, 160 Aquaboxes left our depot bound for Hand in Hand for Aid and Development (HiHFAD) in Birmingham, and then onwards to refugee camps in Syria.

26th August 2020

Here in the UK, we rarely experience such physical events as earthquake, mud-slides and landslips. In Nepal, these occurrences present a regular threat to life and communities. One such event happened on 14th August this year in the Sindhupalchowk district.

20th August 2020

Aquabox is proud to have despatched our fourth aid shipment in two years to war torn Yemen. This crisis continues to be a blight on the face of the earth with water-borne disease rife in the encampments. Aquabox will continue to offer help wherever we can with a fifth shipment now being considered.

18th August 2020

Although the Aquabox depot has been in lockdown for several months, with our volunteers unable to come in to assemble filters or pack our aid boxes, we have not been idle as the following 3 news items highlight.

7th August 2020

We are all aware of the terrible devastation caused by the recent massive explosion in the dockland area of Beirut. Aquabox is working hard both with groups on the ground and international agencies to establish if access to safe drinking water is an issue.


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