5th January 2018

As a result of Hurricane Maria that swept through the Caribbean in September last year our air shipment of AquaFilter Family and Community units finally reached St Croix, US Virgin Islands on 31st October where Rotary District 7020 took over responsibility for distribution to the British Virgin Islands, St Maarten/Saint Martin and Anguilla.

1st January 2018

Last year Aquabox celebrated its 25th anniversary and thanks to your wonderful support we are still going strong, continuing to respond to disasters across the globe and providing life-giving water as well as vital items of humanitarian aid.

27th October 2017

Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh

500 Aquaboxes were loaded onto a 40 foot container at the Aquabox depot on Friday 27th October to be shipped to Bangladesh to provide much-needed aid in support of the Rohingya refugee crisis. Our Rotary friends in Bangladesh will be assisting in the distribution of the boxes to the refugee camps.

24th October 2017

British Virgin Islands

In response to the devastation caused by the Category 5 Hurricanes Irma and Maria throughout the Caribbean, Aquabox has dispatched 180 AquaFilter Family units to the British Virgin Islands, which suffered widespread destruction. The filters will provide much-needed safe drinking water and will be distributed by Rotary District 7020.

20th October 2017

Eritrea Refugees Shipment

Through our partners Christian African Relief Trust (CART) we have shipped 100 Aquaboxes to help support displaced and homeless refugees in Eritrea fleeing from persecution in Yemen and Ethiopia.

13th October 2017

Bangladesh ShipmentA consignment of 10 Aqua12s and 15 Aquafilter Community units left the Aquabox depot in Cromford on Friday 13th October bound for Dhaka in Bangladesh to help the victims of the recent flooding there. The aid will be distributed by Rotary Clubs in Bangladesh to the affected areas.


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